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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to some of the questions we are most frequestly asked.

How to pick a style of paving product?

It is a good idea to try to tie the bricks or slabs in with the house, both in colour and style. Keep in mind that a very light colour will require more maintenance, as stains (such as tyre marks and oil spills) will be more visible. A contemporary look will be achieved with a smooth and/or contrasted product. In a more traditional house, a rumbled aged slab or brick will be more suited. Often a different colour border helps to define the driveway and adds detail.

Why does my patio need a slope?

A slope is a difference in height between your house/road (high point) and the drainage area (low point). The slope allows the water to drain from the paving to the garden areas or storm sewer. The fall on the patio is essential to get right as when using your patio furniture you do not want it to rock or lean to one side.

How long should my patio last?

It depends on the type of products used for the patio or driveway. Natural stone, bricks and slabs and concrete are very durable: they will last you many years.

Will the colour of my patio or driveway fade?

It depends on the product chosen. A natural stone (granite, sandstone, Liscannor) will maintain its colour over time. The colour of bricks, slabs and concrete products is susceptible to weather conditions and it will slowly fade over time, giving a more aged look. This is usually not a problem, unless a new section of paving is added resulting in a patched effect. In those cases, a better option is to choose a different brick or colour, or store some of the original paving.

We recommend our to check our Patio Care page for tips how to keep your patio in good shape.

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