In these conditions of sale:

(a) The expression ‘Boyle Patio Centre’ means any goods sold or supplied or services provided by the company to the customer.

(b) The expression ‘Person’ includes all individuals, firms, partnerships and bodies corporate.

(c) The expression ‘The Company’ means Boyle Patio Centre.

(d) The expression ‘The Customer’ means a person to whom the company sells or supplies Boyle Patio Centre goods, and includes the servants or agents of any such person.


All sales or supplies of Boyle Patio Centre goods by the company are subject to these Conditions of Sale and no other terms and conditions shall apply to any sale or supply by the company unless it is expressly agreed in writing by a person authorised to act on behalf of the company. Acceptance by the Customer of Boyle Patio Centre goods shall constitute acceptance of these conditions of sale. In the case of any conflict, discrepancy or difference between any provision contained in these Conditions of Sale documents incorporated herein or any terms or conditions therein, and any provisions in the other written Agreement (the other Agreement) governing the supply of these goods or the provision of these services, the provisions in the other Agreement shall always prevail.

Being a Natural Product, there will be slight colour differences from one batch to the next, which we can not be responsible for. Furthermore while we endeavour to supply the highest quality products, the occurrence of efflorescence and small iron deposits in the stone is a natural phenomena, which is also out of our control. However, if these symptoms do develop and are dealt with early as per our Cleaning & Maintenance Section, they can be removed.

All of our natural Paving Stone is sawn or calibrated to a uniform thickness for ease of laying.


The company reserves the right to change without notice its prices, these Conditions of sale and any terms which it allows the Customer. Boyle Patio Centre goods are sold at the prices and terms applicable at the date of despatch of such Boyle Patio Centre goods. Title to the goods sold by Boyle Patio Centre shall remain vested in Boyle Patio Centre, and shall not pass to the Customer until purchase price for the goods has been paid in full and received by Boyle Patio Centre.


Whilst every effort will be made to fulfil orders, the acceptance by the Company of an order for goods shall not bind the Company to make delivery of such goods, and the Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to make delivery. The Company shall not be liable should any delivery date be unavoidably delayed due to supplier delays to Boyle Patio Centre.


Unless the Customer otherwise directs, in which case additional cost shall be borne by the Customer then: (a) The Company will not consign or otherwise deliver goods except to the address of the Customer.

(b) Where access cannot gained to the exact delivery address by unavailability of the Customer on the agreed date, the Company will return the goods to the Company premises and an alternative date will have to be agreed and an additional delivery charge will be borne by the Customer.

(c) Where access cannot gained to the exact delivery address due to inaccessibility not declared by the Customer, the Company will deliver the goods to the nearest point possible and the Customer will arrange the transport from said point and bear the costs of such transport.


Damage or shortage must be advised in writing to the Company within 14 days of receipt of goods. Non-delivery of goods must be advised in writing 14 days after receipt of the invoice. Details of damage or shortage must, in all cases, be shown on the carrier’s documents and/or that of the consignee and the carrier. The Customer will furnish a report of the possible damages and the Company will then decide whether a claim is justified or not. No claim for damaged goods or in respect of shortages will be entertained unless the requirements for notification have been complied with. At time of ordering/sale the Customer undertakes to comply with instructions given concerning any steps, precautions or other measure required to be taken in order for a satisfactory project completion using Boyle Patio Centre goods. No claim for damages shall be entertained if these instructions have not been adhered to.

7. RETURNS (Boyle Patio Centre goods only)

The Customer must notify the Company regarding possible returns within 7 days from receipt of said goods otherwise no returns are permitted. Where notification of returns of goods supplied is agreed with Boyle Patio Centre, these goods can only be returned and will be accepted provided:

  1. The goods are not of a unique design, size or shape specially made for the Customer.
  2. The goods are in the original condition, which is to be agreed with Boyle Patio Centre when inspection of the goods is complete.
  3. The cost of transporting of the agreed returns shall be borne by the Customer.
  4. The Customer shall be liable for a 30% handling/restocking charge.


(a) Payment for Boyle Patio Centre shall be made in full before the goods leave the yard.

(b) Currently cheque payments take 5 working days from date of lodgement and therefore will not show as paid on an account until cleared by the bank.

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